Get Well cards

New research has shown that only one in four people who have experienced a mental health problem have received a get well card during their illness, even though 80% say that a card would be a good way for others to let them know they are thinking of them.

The Time to Change bloggers have written about their experiences of both receiving cards when they are struggling with their mental health or sending them to friends, family and colleagues.

Contemporary British artist Stuart Semple and cartoonist Stephen Collins have created exclusive ‘get well soon’ ecards - send them to a friend you know is going through a mental health problem and let them know you are there for them.

1. Sarah’s story: Cards from friends: my lifeline to the outside world
2. David: The cards my mam sent were not your standard ‘get well’ cards
3. Natalie: At what point is it appropriate to send a card?
4. Mark: I haven’t bought a card for anyone before… but I will now
5. Emily: A Get Well Soon Card could act as an ice-breaker
6. Michelle: One card in particular made me feel needed
7. Liz: My ideal card would read: “Thinking about you”
8. Mia: One of the main factors in my recovery was receiving a card
9. Laura: To send or not to send?
10. Jessy: I didn’t receive a card but a little piece of paper and chocolates


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    I feel like even 1 in 4 is a p high ratio?
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    The idea that mental illness isn’t a “real” illness is reinforced by the lack of thought and/or acceptable social...
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